I Wore Kitten Heels And I Have No Regrets

I committed the ultimate sin. I trespassed, I crossed the invisible line set by moguls and fashion editors alike.

But I did it, and really, truly I do not care.

I loved every second and would do it again; I wore kitten heels.

kitten heels 2

I put these hunnies into my ASOS saved items page well over a year ago, wondering if I would ever have an excuse to wear them. As usual, I caved and bought them to make myself feel better after a crappy day. They were in the sale, it seemed like the right thing to do.

It was.

I tried to wear them so many times, always putting them on and then like a complete coward, changing them for my trusty converse 2 minutes before walking out the door. Sigh.

But one year on, I did it, I wore them and I am in love.

Kitten Heels 1

The thing is, they’re great. Forget all the hate towards the humble kitten heel, and discover how damn good they make your legs look (toned central), how comfortable they are (no looking like an intoxicated giraffe in 6” heels) and how they have the potential to make the most boring outfit look completely babin’. They even make you walk sassy, I felt like I was on a catwalk all day. I wasn’t; I was at work.

The shape and pattern of these beauties made me feel like I was living in beautiful 1960’s Paris, the only thing missing was a croissant in my hand. I paired them with some hounds-tooth print cigarette trousers and a plain white t-shirt, something which could definitely have been accompanied by the trusty converse.

So if you’re feeling like putting a bit of spice in your life, invest in a pair of these. They’re similar in height to the gorgeous block heeled pumps that are everywhere at the moment but the pointed toe and thinner heel make them look a bit more ‘out-there’. I’ve linked a few pairs that i’ve been lusting over below, have a peek.




Kurt Geiger

4 thoughts on “I Wore Kitten Heels And I Have No Regrets

  1. Irini says:

    I LOOOVE KITTEN HEELS! (Sorry, too much excitement there)

    Totally agree with you, we should stop hating on them! I’m too tall to wear the conventional 6” heel so these babes are my solution! And the pattern is indeed fab 🙂


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