Emergency Quick Fixes When Everything Gets Too Much

We all have those days. The overslept the alarm, greasy hair, spilt coffee, period and deadline due days. Those days when all you want to do is take on the foetal position behind the sofa and sob into a glass of Echo Falls white wine and pretend you’re the real life Bridget Jones. We’ve all been there.

I’ve put together an cute little packet of emergency pick-me-ups for those days. I hope that you can pick one or two of these quick fixes that would work for you and get that heart-rate back to normal and those death rays coming out of your eyes under control.


When everything has gone wrong in every possible way and even your wifi won’t work so you can’t binge watch Gilmore Girls on Netflix it’s time to breathe. Just taking the time to focus on the rhythm and depth of your breath is fantastic at calming you down. The 7:11 technique is one that really works for me.

It’s really simple; 7 seconds in, 11 seconds out. In through your nose, out through your mouth. It allows your body to take in more oxygen, lowering your heart rate and blood pressure and relaxing your muscles and mind.


Too many thoughts and feelings about boys and mortgages running around in your mind, making you feel lost and uneasy like a sea-sick puppy? Write it down. Jot down how you’re feeling in a little book or in your phone, it’s a way of getting everything off your chest without taking your feelings out on anyone. You may even find that putting everything into words or onto paper gives you a sense of clarity.


Sometimes the best way to get all the negativity out of your life is to smash it at the gym or go for a run, armed with a playlist containing at least one S Club 7 song. If you’re too busy for that try incorporating exercise into your daily routine; 20 squats while brushing your teeth, 20 crunches during every ad-break when catching up on Come Dine With Me, you get the gist. Doing exercise sends your serotonin levels into overdrive and will leave you feeling like you can conquer the world with just a breadstick.


Having a quick wardrobe clear out or tidying your room can be a way of taking control, when the whole world seems to be deliberately caving in on you. Even if it means sorting out your floordrobe (we all have one) or making your bed, it will help force a little bit more order and control into your life. Not only that, think of all the new clothes you could fit in to your wardrobe if you spent 20 minutes clearing out the shoes and cropped jumpers you bought 3 years ago in the sale at Primark because ‘hey, i might suit fluorescent yellow with a tan’.

Make a to-do list

Much like using a journal can reduce the feeling of helplessness, a to-do list can have the same effect. These days there is just never enough time in the day. It’s all getting on top of you; you forgot to return an order from ASOS, the dog needs walking, your hair dryer has just packed up, you have five pieces of coursework due yesterday, your mum is shouting because half of her mug collection is on your bedside table and to top it all off, the post office is a right hun and closes at lunch time. What do you do? Make a to-do list. Hey, even colour code it if you’re feeling really fancy. If that’s not enough for you, the satisfaction of crossing each item off the list is only second to squeezing a right juicy blackhead on the end of your nose. Before you know it, the planets will have re-aligned and you’ll even be able to schedule in a soak in the bath with a face mask.

Junk food

This is for real emergencies and I wouldn’t recommend for daily usage, unless you want to turn into Aunt Marge off Harry Potter and float away into the sunset. There are some situations that only a Texas BBQ Domino’s and a tub of Fudge Brownie Ben & Jerrys will cure. These are normally best served with a healthy dose of Netflix, the baggiest pyjamas and an optional best friend. Wait 15 minutes and like a Phoenix from the ashes, feel your worries fade into a distant memory of bad hair days and awkward encounters.

So next time you feel like dissolving into a puddle of PMS and dripping mascara, remember to take some time for yourself. Nothing is everlasting, just passing.

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