5 Ways With Coconut Oil

As basic as this sounds, coconut oil has genuinely changed my life. RIP to the girl I used to be, make way for the new, improved, coconut obsessed Hana.

In all honesty, this stuff can be used for pretty much anything you can think of but being the major fan that I am and that fact that you can buy a 500ml jar for less than £10, I thought it would be a good idea to list a few of my fave uses.

The first, most obvious application for this lil saviour in a jar is cooking. Coconut oil is great for cooking, and it adds a subtle but irresistible flavour of coconut to whatever you’re making. Perfect for sweet things like frying pancakes, pastries, or as an alternative for butter or margarine in cakes and biscuits; it’s also delicious for sautéing your fave veggies, or in thai curries.

I won’t lie to you and tell you it’s super healthy, it is an oil after all which IS high in saturated fats but sometimes we have to accept the yummiest things are not always the healthiest. I’m looking at you chocolate cake. Sigh..

While it does great things for your tastebuds but perhaps not so great things for your cholesterol levels; coconut oil DOES do great things for your skin. Unlike chicken nuggets.

I use coconut oil on the daily as a night cream. I’ve spent years trying to find a good enough night cream for my hella dry, hella sensitive face (love you, genes). I did find one about two years ago, only for Nivea to change the formula after a year. Great.

On my hunt for the perfectly moisturised face, I have used products which have actually made my skin peel, one that made my face erupt like some long overdue volcano and one that gave me an allergic reaction for a week before I realised it contained a teeny bit of bee venom. Cute.

Cue, coconut oil.

Having found an article online quoting face oils as the new best-thing-ever but having a rather sad bank balance (face oils are rather ‘luxe’) I decided to just trying lathering some coconut oil on and seeing what happened. And let me tell you, it changed my life.

Not only does it apply so nicely that it feels like you’re having a super swanky Champney’s facial, it keeps your skin so moisturised and glowy, shrinking blemishes literally overnight. It evens your complexion AND you end up smelling a bit like a pina colada. This girl likes pina coladas..maybe not the in rain. 11/10 would recommend.

Not only does it moisturise your face, but coconut oil also is a fantastic makeup remover. Smear it all over your face with cotton pad to reveal that natural beauty of yours underneath layers of contour palettes.

Along with being excellent at pampering your face, coconut oil is a right pro at making your hair look so glossy and luxurious you might start getting head hunted for those herbal essences adverts where the woman makes rather suggestive noises in the shower. Let’s face it love, no one gets that excited about soap. The best I can do is a painful rendition of Beyonce’s Crazy In Love.

I digress. Coconut oil.

All you need to do is apply a splodge of this little babe onto the tips of your hair, massage it in a bit and then shampoo off. Girl, look at that shine!

This last one is a little out there, and in all fairness I have only used it once. It worked, so i’m adding it to the list just to prove there is nothing coconut oil can’t do.

Okay so; insect repellant. Yes, it works.

Specifically for spiders and mosquitos, because damn I hate both of them.

I recently discovered that spiders don’t like peppermint. Before you start asking, no I haven’t been having bizarre conversations with spiders about their opinions on Polo Mint flavours. In all seriousness, if you add a few drops of peppermint essential oil to a blob of coconut oil and rub the mixture onto door frames, window panes and any other ‘spider gateway’, it stops them from coming in!

Again, with mosquitos, they don’t like the smell of lavender or citronella. By adding a few drops of lavender essential oil or citronella essential oil into a blob of coconut oil and rubbing it onto your shoulders, legs, or area you’re likely to get bitten on, it acts as a completely natural repellant, with no nasty chemicals. Magic.

Can you tell I’m a fan yet?

8 thoughts on “5 Ways With Coconut Oil

  1. rainydaytodayblog says:

    Hi Hana

    You write really well! There are quite a few articles around about the environmental impact of palm oil vs. coconut oil (especially as the majority is grown in the Philippines) but it is quite possible to buy fair-trade, ethically sourced coconut oil so it can have a 6th way too! Keep up the blog, its great to read! xx



  2. mikefleckcreator says:

    Brilliant article! I’ve just become a huge fan of coconut oil too. Can’t get enough of it. I use it for my hair and a mouth wash too (sounds rank but trust me on this one). Do you feature your writing with any other sites at all?


    • birdboxblogs says:

      Thank you so much! Oh is that as a form of oil pulling? I was going to do a separate post on oil pulling with coconut oil as I feel like it’s still very niche! I don’t unfortunately, but would love to if given the opportunity! ☺️

      Liked by 1 person

      • mikefleckcreator says:

        Yeah oil pulling is exactly what it is! I’ve found it very beneficial! Well if you’d be interested in featuring some nutrition/style articles with us at creators.co then feel free to get in touch with me here – mike.fleck@creators.co


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