The Boot Trend Everyone Is Wearing

Over-The-Knee boots are absolutely everywhere this year. If I remember correctly they first started getting their foot in the door (pun completely intended) around 2 years ago, back when every shoe came attached to a 3 inch rubber platform. Nice.

I’ll  admit, I hated them. Truly I disliked them a lot; I was never a big fan of the cleated sole trend that went around and these ginormous boots just made it worse.

However, in the past 18 months or so I have noticed that the variation in style of these sorts of boots has increased and there have been some really lovely pieces knocking around.

Version 2

If you know me well enough, you’ll know that I am “slightly” vertically challenged. The fact that I am rather lacking in the leg area meant that it was much harder than I initially anticipated to find a pair of these boots that I didn’t drown in. In many cases I probably would have been better off just wearing a suspender belt and using them as trousers. Kinky.

I am also blessed with large calves (probably from the shear amount of shopping I do) which meant that if I could actually get the material past my calves I’d end up with the top of the boots gaping around my thighs. A bit like a badly dressed pirate.

For that reason I chose a pair that are only slightly over-the-knee in the sock-boot style and are very VERY stretchy. This meant that they fit my legs in all the right places, and didn’t gape. All boxes have been ticked.

They’re also black, because I’m so original like that..

Version 2

The chunky heel makes them incredibly comfortable and easy to walk in and the squared toe makes for un-squished feet which is always a bonus.

I wear them more causally than anything else, but if you wanted to go all out vampy I would recommend a pair with a pointed toe and killer stiletto heel such as these ones.

A lot of styles have a tie at the top to stop them falling down, which I feel like mine could have benefitted from, and I’ve seen some others that lace the whole way up.

Version 2

I like to wear mine with skirts and dresses. If you want to make your legs look super long and super Sex In The City then try them with a pair of jeans and a chunky jumper, or a plain top and glittery blazer. If you’re feeling super sassy, stick some leather trousers on. Woah girl.

Version 2

Boots – Zara     Dress – Boutique but similar here

(All photos taken by lovely James in exchange for Tesco Meal Deals)

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