Pleated Skirt Loving

Okay so pleated skirts are tricky, right. They’re the kind of skirts that you see in Primark looking regal and glowing and absolute boss girl on a hanger but it’s often a ploy.

A ploy to get you to try them on.

Because once you do, the reality hits in that you don’t ‘actually’ look like Zooey Deschanel and you can’t quite pull off that lion-dressed-as-a-kitten vibe..

There is hope though, a shining glimmer of light. If you manage to bag yourself a well fitting one of these dream boats then you’re in for a real treat.

Version 2

I can’t even tell you how many of these i’ve tried on, but this one is just right. I actually bought it off Depop but it’s originally from Topshop and you can buy similar here.

I have a small body right, because i’m a bit of a midget and so my torso is rather condensed into one lump; a bit like that Sherlock Christmas Special. This means that it’s quite difficult to find clothes that fit just right on my waist and hips.

For that reason I deliberately went for a skirt that isn’t super stretchy. In fact this one isn’t stretchy at all so don’t go out with the intention of eating, drinking, or breathing heavily in it. You have been warned.

Version 2

It has a fabric waistline with a zip at the back and it’s FAUX LEATHER. Can I have a ‘Yaasss’?? The non-stretchy fabric makes sure that it definitely fits my waist, while the weight of the faux leather causes the material to fall without clinging too much to my post-christmas belly. Although these photos might say otherwise..

Version 2

If you are blessed with a perfectly formed torso, or are in fact, normal-sized then you’ll find there is just an infinite amount of styles to choose from.

I personally am in LOVE with the super on-trend metallic, crinkly pleated skirts because they just make me think of all things galactic.

There are plenty of pleated skirts in all sorts of colours which are just dreamy for spring and will 120% make you feel like an absolute princess. You’ll probably want to go out and buy a tiara, along with a frog to kiss.

Skirt – Topshop (old, but similar here)  Jumper – Hollister (old, but similar here)  Boots – New Look (old, but similar here)

(All photos taken by lovely James in exchange for Tesco Meal Deals)

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