£30 January H&M Haul

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Did someone say spending ban?

Oops; I only popped in to see if they had any nice shirts. Did I walk out with any nice shirts? No.

Instead though, I did come out with two new skirts and the comfiest jumper dress in the whole wide world. Even if it does look like a bit of a bin bag; we’ll gloss over that.

I am a serious sucker for the sale items in H&M. Granted, their sale rails are the most stressful inanimate objects you’ll encounter within a 20 mile radius but on a good day they are SO worth it. I only tackled two rails and was not disappointed!

H&M have currently got a lot of their autumn/winter absolute bae items on sale at almost unbelievable prices. Each item I bought was only £10.

Version 2

Top – Primark  Skirt – H&M  Shoes – Irregular Choice

First was this gorgeous red pleated midi skirt that I saw my absolute favourite blogger Hannah Gale wearing a month or so ago. It’s got a much slimmer, straight shape than the conventional pleated skirts but I am so in love and am imagining it as a perfect Valentine’s day outfit.

I feel I may be developing an addiction, because the second item I snapped up was, you guessed it, another pleated midi skirt. Soz not soz.

Version 2

Top – Zara   Skirt- H&M   Shoes – Primark

Now this one, THIS one, is just everything. OHEMGEE it has daffs on it! It’s officially approaching daffodil season which means the nights are getting shorter and Spring is just around the corner and it just fills me with joy. Now this skirt allows me to WEAR them too! Good lord I might need to lie down for a second.

Alright, I’m okay now.

Version 2

Necklace – H&M   Dress – H&M   Boots – Asos

This last item might just be the comfiest £10 I’ve ever spent in my life. It’s so long and chunky and warm and doesn’t look too much like a bin bag. My boyfriend will hate it. It’s like someone has sewn sleeves on a blanket. Goals.

So if you fancy celebrating pay day and finally the end of the longest January ever then have a cheeky look in your nearest H&M store. I guarantee no disappointment.

Red  Pleated Skirt – H&M Different price online to in store.

Daffodil Pleated Skirt – H&M Different price online to in store.

Jumper Dress – H&M   Unfortunately not available online.

**Big ass thank you to lovely lovely Rachel who took these photos even though she was hungover and hangry. Thanks for putting up with me.**

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