Younique Fibre Lash Mascara

Following on from my February Goals blog post, which you can find here, I’ve got a slightly different post today.

I was incredibly lucky to receive my very own Moodstruck Fibre Lash Mascara by my boyfriends lovely sister Shara who is a very successful Younique Makeup representative. You can find her website and browse Younique’s fabulous range here.

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I was when this little gold package arrived through the door. I mean, look how cute! Gold and chocolate..oh lordy.

The first thing you see is this very fancy shmancy looking box, which opens out to give step by step picture instructions on how to use the product.

Inside is a little pouch  which contains the two tubes that complete the Fibre Lash Mascara duo. The first is a black gel, much like a regular mascara. The second is a little bit weird.

The Fibre Lash Mascara is different to other mascaras. While other shop bought mascaras just coat your current lashes with black or brown gel, making them appear thicker, fuller and darker; Fibre Lash Mascara actually elongates your lashes by coating them in tiny nylon fibres. In effect, it’s a very subtle fake lash application.

First you apply the black transplanting gel just like a normal mascara. Then you apply the fibres, sweeping them onto your lashes using the wand in the same way that you would apply the gel. Lastly, after waiting for them to set a bit, you apply a second coat of the gel to firmly hold the fibres in place.

Now I don’t usually wear false eyelashes, so I absolutely loved this mascara. It’s subtle and not as heavy as a set of falsies but still gives you amazing volume and definition. I found that wearing this mascara was slightly heavier on my eyes that wearing regular mascara so perhaps wouldn’t wear it on a daily basis; but as a glam night out option, it’s fab!

Here are some very crude before and after photos. You will have to excuse the heinous creatures that are my eyebrows, sadly I’m going through the motions of growing them out and didn’t pay them much attention on the day I took these photos.

I’m learning my lesson the hard way, by putting them on the internet for everyone to see. Savage.

Just focus on the eyelashes please and thank you.

I am so sold. This mascara is just everything. It is so easy to apply and comes off fine with normal make up remover. And look what it does to your eyelashes. Holy moly, this is what dreams are made of.

A word of warning though; the first time, I neglected to apply the second gel coat so ended up with teeny tiny black fibres all over my under eye (not pictured for risk of humiliating myself further)..not a good look. Not the dream.



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