February Update

How is it suddenly March? I take back everything I said about wishing for non-existent Januarys. Please can I have all the Januarys. I can’t deal with the speed with which my life is flying past me *violins*…

Right, so this is a round-up of how my February goals went. I think it’s fair to say they didn’t go as well as I had initially planned out in my head.

 In an ideal world, I would have finished the month fresh faced  and motivated having finished a Raw Juice cleanse; a Gold Bar sat snuggly in my savings account and the bursting calendar of a Hamptons socialite. Alas, my month didn’t go quite so well.

If anything, I think I set myself a trap. That, coupled with the fact that my body went in to hibernation mode and refused to wake up even after downloading 3 different alarm apps; one of which made you do 10 maths questions while a threatening countdown is played at your half-awake face in a sort of Guantanamo Bay-esque manner, I don’t think I can count this month as a success.

 For anyone who wants to experience real life torture, download Math Alarm. You are so not welcome.

 That being said, I did tick two off the list, and that was to budget more and try new blogging techniques.

I was lucky enough to be sent a new Youniqe mascara to review by lovely Shara at Shara’s Beauty Box. You can find that post here. This was quite a new venture for me, as I’ve generally stuck to fashion based or just plain rambling posts. I’ve got a few more ideas in the pipeline for mixing up my blogging style which I hope you’ll all really enjoy!

 Somehow, I also managed to budget really well during February. I took the plunge, and cut back on shop bought lunches and take-out coffees. Of course, you have to treat yourself once in a while so I didn’t go without but you’d be surprised just how much you can save by cutting out small, but accumulating habits like buying your lunch.

 I also (drum roll) only bought two items of clothing during the WHOLE of February. In fact, thinking back on it, that actually makes me tear up with joy! One of these items was the gorgeous gold trainers in my last post and another was this cute gingham dress in the Asos sale.

 In fact I didn’t do any shopping at all. Wow, go me! The only ‘Thanks for your Order’ emails I received between the 1st February and the 27th February were for birthday presents I bought for my parents because they’re super inconvenient and decided to have both their birthdays within a week of each other. Thanks guys! 

Any deductive people will notice that there are in fact 28 days in February, but on the 28th it was pay day and I’m not ashamed to admit that I did in fact place 3 online orders before 9am. Someone lock me up – nobody’s perfect, sorry. Apart from you guys, Ben and Jerry. You da best. 

 So that’s my February. Although slightly shameful, and even more embarrassing that I had to share it on the internet; I’m glad I set myself a target and will try to incorporate making monthly goals into my routine as a personal development ritual.

 Fun fact, I had to take these photos really quickly while my mum was in the loo so that she didn’t come out and judge me.


Culottes – Topshop

Dragon T Shirt – H&M

Biker Jacket – River Island

Scarf and Bag – Primark (both old)

Shoes – Asos

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