Pink Wishlist

I’m writing this curled up on the sofa watching Girl Boss. Oh my, I love it. Seriously considering sacking off life in the UK and moving to America to sell clothes on eBay.

This post is actually inspired by a Snapchat sent by the sass queen herself, Chloe Hazell. If you’re reading this Chlo, then hey!

Pink was all over the catwalks at New York Fashion Week for SS17 and I am most definitely falling back into a love affair with the colour. What has happened?!

I was sure, at the rebellious age of 15 that I would never be seen dead in pink again because I ‘wasn’t a child anymore’.

At 15 I was ‘officially grown up’ because I’d actually had a WKD once and could wear heels with blazers and ‘no hun they’re staring at you because you look like a BOSS, not because you look like some sort of underage prostitute’.

So despite my inner teenage rebel insisting that I don’t succumb to this forced upon trend, I’ve slowly found myself buying a small abundance of Barbie inspired items. Oops.

I’ve put together a rather busy mood board of gorgeous pink SS17 items, most of which are under £50 (yass) although there is one that is pretty pricey, but oh-so worth it. Also I went a bit mad on the New Look website, not soz.


mood board


I hope you end up with as many as these in your (multiple) online shopping baskets as me..

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