A/W17 High End to High Street Top Picks

Oh hi there, long time no speak.

I’m not going to make any excuses, I have been severely slacking lately. However, I realised about a month ago just how much I was missing blogging. I sat down, planned a load of posts, got super excited; hell I even did a big online shop and then I broke my hand.

Don’t you just love a curveball?

So, to ease myself back into blogging, and after reading this month’s Grazia I have been inspired to write a post using this season’s High-End fashion picks and finding budget alternatives because; let’s face it, as much as I’d love to be able to afford one of those Gucci belts, I can only just about afford a Tesco Meal Deal.

1. Vivid Suits

Colour blocking and smart-wear-worn-casual seem to be popping up here and there this season. I just love how effortlessly chic and oversized these ‘boyfriend’ suits are and how feminine and flirty the colours are. You could wear them paired with some court heels for a work day or a chunky heel and a tote bag for a night out with your pals.

Left – Phillip Lim      Right – Zara

2. Check Blazers

Let’s be honest, you will have had to be living in a hole under a rock buried 123456m underground if you hadn’t already noticed how A/W 17 is ALL about a Check.

Say goodbye to gingham, and hello to oh-so-sophisticated Prince of Wales check.

Keeping up with the smart-casual wear, blazers are currently the outerwear of choice, and what better than combining two of the biggest trends of the season in one. This blazer modeled by the babe that is Halima Aden was featured on this month’s front cover and comes in at the small fortune of £1790. Phew.

Left – Hermes      Right – Mango

3. – Bright Florals

I can’t be the only person desperately trying to cling on to the last dregs of summer? Please? Anyone???

Now I’m not normally one for a floral pattern, but I’ve found myself hunting out chunky, bright, autumnal florals to wear dressed down with boots and a fluffy cardigan (and perhaps holding a Pumpkin Spiced Latte because I am a sucker for a cliche) in a desperate hope to make myself forget that the nights are getting longer.

Left – Richard Quinn           Right – New Look

4. Asymmetric Draped Midi Dress

Another style I wouldn’t normally reach for is the midi dress.

They’ve been slowly but surely building a rapport in the fashion community but I’ve always felt like I’m just that bit too short to get away with wearing them.

They’re always either too long, making it look like I’ve shrunk a maxi dress in the wash (ankle swingers are such a look) or they stop at a weird awkward length accentuating the size of my mutant calves. Ugh.

The draped/ruched style of these bad boys, however, give some asymmetry and bring more dimension to the dresses which I think would be so much more flattering on all heights, shapes, and sizes.

Left – Preen by Thornton Bregazzi        Right – River Island

5. Metallics 

Ok, I feel like it’s hard to ever not like metallics, am-I-right?!

So spacey, so sparkly, so mysterious. All the attributes I wish I had.

Although I feel like I could never quite get away with a full metallic knitwear co-ord like this Phillip Kane beauty, i am very much digging this trench coat from Topshop. Warm and fabulous all at the same time.

Left – Phillip Kane      Right – Topshop

6. Bold Graphic Jumpers

Er, is a theme starting here? More space vibes from this dreamy Coach jumper.

Bold graphics and slogan t-shirts were absolutely everywhere all through spring and summer and I am so very happy to see that they’ve gotten warmer.

Graphic jumpers are keeping this trend alive and I am all for that. My plan is to get a jumper to express each and every one of my 5000 moods.

Left – Coach 1941     

Right – New Look *I recently bought this jumper and it is £7.99. I repeat..£7.99. 

7. Sock Boots

Again, a trend that doesn’t seem to be dying out anytime soon and I am A-OK with that, thank you very much.

Sock boots (can someone please tell me if this is their legit name because it still makes me cringe every time I say it) have taken on a more classy aesthetic this season and I’ve seen a tonne that feature a toe; pointed enough that I’m sure someone will end up in jail, and in every colour of the rainbow. Asos have got some over-the-knee ones in fluorescent yellow and I have never felt more attracted to a pair of shoes in my whole life.

Left – Louis Vuitton      Right – EGO 



So that’s that; my current top High-End fashion picks, in budget form. I hope you enjoyed! Please, please let me know if you would like to see me style any of these.

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