The *Dream* Jumper That’s All Over Instagram

This is my dream jumper

Har har. Sometimes I wonder why didn’t I pursue a career in comedy?

Such a natural.



You’ll have to cut me some slack, while I write this and watch Dinner Date simultaneously. I’m dribbling over a red wine reduction.

I digress, here is my dream jumper. Okay sorry, I’ll stop overusing that god-awful joke.

I noticed this absolute hun of a New Look Jumper on Instagram, stealing the show in a few other blogger’s outfit posts and immediately the FOMO hit me.

And then I found out it was only £7.99. Sorry, for those in the back…that’s Seven Pounds And Ninety Nine Pence. It’s okay, let’s all have a lie down together.

I had to have it, and do you know what; I love it. Despite my worries that it would feel like a thin layer of baking paper, it’s actually so fluffy and warm and snuggly and LET ME LIVE IN YOU FOREVER PLEASE.

It’s as if that babin’ spring trend of slogan tees has hit the sauna and warmed itself up. I loved it teamed with some dark wash jeans and the kitten heels from my first ever blog post!

It would also look sooo cute tucked into a patent mini skirt like this one, or a midi like this one.



  • Jumper – New Look
  • Jeans – River Island (old but similar here)
  • Shoes – Asos (old but similar here)
  • Bag – Primark (£12 in store only but similar here)


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